ANNOUNCEMENT: AAPA welcomes another successful conviction

06 March 2015

AAPA welcomes successful conviction for card sharing operator in United Kingdom.

In a recent case involving AAPA member, Sky UK, Aron Lees, the operator of a pirate card sharing network was sentenced to a 12 months prison sentence suspended for 18 months and 100 hours of community service. Lees' brother was convicted of laundering the proceeds from this operation, and was sentenced to 120 hours of community service.

The card sharing operation involved the sale on eBay of configured set top boxes where access to Sky content was provided without payment to Sky. Over 12 months Lee sold over 300 boxes netting him over £30,000 (€41,000). 

Sheila Cassells, Executive Director of AAPA, commented: “This is the fifth case involving card-sharing in recent weeks where the efforts of an AAPA member to fight piracy and secure convictions have led to a successful outcome. Those involved in card-sharing and other pirate activities should recognise that what they are doing is illegal and no effort will be spared in bringing them to justice.”