ANNOUNCEMENT: Operator of illegal streaming website in Italy sentenced to jail and fined

16 March 2015

A claim filed with the Italian Tax Police by Sky Italia’s Legal Department in 2012, against the owner and maintainer of an illegal streaming website called has resulted in the successful prosecution and conviction of the operator of the website.

The site was streaming continuously a selection of Sky Italia’s sport channels, and was operating from the Italian city of Aosta, via a streaming server based  on OVH machines The operator was  also using an in-house card sharing facility to fund his activities and to extract the Sky feed needed for the streaming operation. 

The person in question was also able to build a squad of accomplices that helped him in some of the tasks needed to optimise Adsense revenues for his site, one of the leading sites for illegal streaming in Italy  for more than the last 18 months. 

On 26th February the Tribunal of Aosta sentenced Mr. Fabio Avondoglio, responsible  of the conduct mentioned above , to 8 months of imprisonment and about 10K  of fines and restorations fees in favour of the claimant. All the computers used for the illegal streaming will be deleted or seized.