ANNOUNCEMENT: Pirate TV supplier sentenced to 24 months imprisonment suspended for 24 months

11 June 2015

Alexander Woodmass, the supplier of a card sharing network appeared at Durham Crown Court on Friday 5th June 2015 where he was sentenced to 24 months imprisonment suspended for 24 months following an investigation by Sky UK investigators.

Woodmass was fraudulently selling his customers access to Sky’s premium Pay TV content.

He admitted six counts of fraud between the periods of April 2011 and December 2013. Three charges related to the possession of articles for use in fraud; a micro-server and pc tower both containing card-sharing software, and card-sharing data,  two counts relate to supplying articles for use in fraud; satellite receiving boxes and card-sharing data capable of receipt of Sky TV without subscription payment. The sixth charge was one of obtaining services by deception, namely subscription owner TV broadcast content when no payment was made, gaining access via a card-sharing server.

Shaun Dryden prosecuting summed up the case as a man who was "buying digital boxes from China, capable of receiving Sky, and fraudulently supplying pubs and clubs in the area….the value placed in the lost subscriptions would amount to £112,000”. 

Details of the full sentence handed down were as follows

·       24 months Imprisonment suspended for 24 months on Suspended Sentence.

·       To Pay a Victim Surcharge of £100.00 payable at rate to be set by magistrates court.

·       Order under s. 143 Powers of Criminal Courts (Sentencing) Act 2000 for forfeiture of all items seized by the Police and destruction of these items.  

·       Suspended Sentence - Must carry out unpaid work for 250 hours before 04-Jun-2016 Probation officer will supervise this work.

A Proceeds of crime timetable was set and a hearing is scheduled for 7th December 2015.