ANNOUNCEMENT: Pub landlord jailed for selling illegal Sky

17 August 2015

Nigel Earnshaw, 49, was jailed for 16 months for illegally selling Sky TV subscriptions.

A complaint was first received by police in 2011 about the website “SAVINGS2U.WEBS.COM” which was selling counterfeit goods alongside reduced rate Sky TV subscriptions.

In December 2012 Earnshaw’s house was raided and along with counterfeit football paraphernalia three decoder boxes, 5,500 discs, hard drives, memory sticks and USB drives all used in the illegal streaming of Sky TV content were found.

Earnshaw was using eBay to pay for access to a stolen satellite signal and selling on the codes, cards and boxes tuned into the frequency to get the stolen signal via the internet.

Although Earnshaw had not made much from his scam, Judge Philip Richards, sitting at Mold Crown Court, handed down a 16 month sentence, stating that “this sentence was required to discourage people from such illegitimate means of making a living”.

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