ANNOUNCEMENT: Sky UK secure another conviction

20 May 2015

Operator sentenced for illegal card-sharing which gave access to premium Pay TV content

Sky UK have secured yet another conviction against an operator of an illegal card-sharing operation being run by an individual based in Kent. Following initial information received from Sky Deutschland an investigation commenced and established that the individual had been operating between October 2011 and August 2013. The suspect had purchased the boxes and then configured them to connect to his illegal card-sharing server. He had set up his own website and charged around 100 customers £135 for six months’ subscription to the services.

A referral was presented to Kent Police who executed a warrant at the home address of the main suspect in Ashford, Kent. 

The defendant appeared at Canterbury Crown Court and pled guilty. He was sentenced  to 26 weeks imprisonment suspended for 2 years and put on a four month electronic curfew after running a business selling set-top TV boxes that enabled viewers to dodge Sky payments.

The Court ordered he pay £1,000 in costs and a financial claim to determine the loss to Sky is now underway.