27 November 2016

The following article, written by Colin Mann appears in Advanced Television to read the full story click here

Following the 2013 raid of five homes in the Netherlands cities of Apeldoorn, Enschede, Vlagtwedde and the Hague which resulted in the 2015 convictions of two pirates, a further three pirates arrested during these raids have been sentenced at the Zutphen courthouse.

Two defendants received 200 hours of community service and three months of conditional sentencing. The third defendant received 240 hours of community service and four months of conditional sentencing. The three defendants also forfeited amounts of €52,245, €53,245 and €110,406.85 respectively.

The sentence comes after an extensive collaboration between The Dutch Police, The Public Prosecution Service, Dutch TV providers and digital platform security specialist Irdeto, to see the arrest of seven suspects for Card Sharing. The suspects offered control word sharing equipment and illegal pirate subscriptions for sale and following further investigation, it was revealed that the control word sharing networks were also providing unauthorised pirated access to international pay TV channels.