ARTICLE: Dutch pay-TV providers start anti-piracy campaign

23 February 2016

Dutch pay-TV providers and industry group NLkabel announced plans for joint action to fight illegal viewing. The operators Caiway, Delta , M7 (CanalDigitaal and and Ziggo are participating in the campaign. They will target sellers of illegal platforms that bypass standard encryption systems to access pay-TV services, working together on tracking the fraudulent services, sharing information and coordinating with police and prosecutors.

A number of illegal providers caught in December 2013 are now facing prosecution, with court rulings expected in the spring. The operators said these cases provide a good basis for starting their new approach. They will focus on fighting control word sharing, where the keys to smart cards for accessing encrypted digital TV services are sold illegally, as well as illegal streaming of decrypted content online. NLkabel said both forms cause damage to the sector, including copyright holders, producers, broadcasters and operators.


Source: telecompaper