Detention for computer fraud in Portugal - cardsharing

08 April 2016

The Judicial Police, through the Department of Criminal Investigation of Aveiro, identified and arrested in the course of undertaking the illegal activity a 47 years old man for the alleged practice of computer fraud crimes, aggravated unlawful and detention access and sale of illicit equipment for the purposes of cardsharing.

The arrested man maintained his own unlawful structure which offered the availability of protected TV services, acquiring customers, and particularly installing tampered equipment for the reception of the encoded signal, providing access to the services and receiving the agreed payments.

This structure comprised servers installed in the country and abroad, in France, Germany and USA.

More than two hundred customers accessed illegally the TV signal without the legitimate operators receive proper payment, to their detriment and to the detriment of Public Finance which did not receive the corresponding tax revenue.

In the course of searches made in the Anadia municipality, relevant evidence was seized. Notably this included the installed rack of equipment dedicated to the practice of cardsharing, the reception system for the protected signal, decoding and of their unlawful sharing, compound several boxes of receiving the satellite signal, router internet access, server, network switch, wi-fi and UPS, as well as several set-top-box which had been tampered with.

The arrested man will be present at the Judicial Authorities in the District of Aveiro for the first judicial examination and implementation of the appropriate enforcement measure.

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