04 October 2010

MIPCOM is generally considered an excellent indicator of the vitality, ingenuity and creativity of the content industry. And now more than ever, because of the fantastic evolutions of technology and the development of numerous means to distribute movies and television programmes it is clear what is at stake: the entire ecosystem of the audiovisual sector can only prosper as long as intellectual property is guaranteed. This can only happen through a joint effort between the various private stakeholders and the Government Authorities - who can provide consistent protection by legislators and law enforcement bodies. Without such protection, the roots of creation in the motion picture and television sectors will be threatened. In addition, business opportunities will vanish since investors will quickly withdraw when the fundamentals are threatened. We have seen during the credit crunch the consequences that can result from a loss in confidence. The threat posed by piracy is not something happening in "Virtual Reality". It is a very real problem in the Real World. Piracy destroys trust in the ecosystem - and without trust financiers pull back. As a result, the devastating effect of piracy is not a gradual process or a secondary phenomenon, but more like an avalanche, potentially sweeping over the whole industry and in the first rank programme creation. AEPOC's conviction is: Piracy needs to be fought by all means at all times - with the clear aim of eradicating it. This is why everyone belonging to the content industry is invited to support AEPOC in achieving our goals.

AEPOC is Europe's Anti-Piracy Association for the Protection of Encrypted Works and Services. Our members belong to the elite of European and international media and telecommunications companies, making of AEPOC one of the world's leading trade association fighting piracy. Our mission is to assess and effectively coordinate initiatives to address audio-visual piracy as it affects Pay-TV operators, hardware and software providers. During 2010 the AEPOC Board of Directors helped me in developing a new AEPOC action plan to build the ground for a broader anti-piracy stance for the Association. Part of this initiative are standing committees with emphasis on extending AEPOC's intelligence capacities and efforts in view of the European regulatory environment. With AEPOC's Board recently confirmed in office until 2013 we look forward to tackling the manifold issues of piracy, supported by the trust and strength of our members. AEPOC initiated actions of unprecedented industry cooperation among our members, who are in some cases severe competitors, are already off to a successful start. With an enhanced organisational structure with more dedicated resources, our initiative shall be instrumental in unlocking the potential inherent in AEPOC to take the Association to the next level in the fight against audio-visual piracy in Europe - and beyond. We would be pleased to win more supporters to safeguard the vitality of the content ecosystem and help build a fertile and secure environment for growth.

To all visitors to MIPCOM 2010 AEPOC wishes an excellent Festival.

Philippe-Olivier Rousseau

Chairman of the Board