14 November 2018

International Content Protection Summit Warsaw 2018
18-19 October 2018
"The Warsaw Declaration"

Bearing in mind the current worldwide scale of intellectual property rights infringement on the Internet and its negative impact on creative sectors and the economies of many countries, there is a growing need to tighten effective international cooperation in combating online piracy, so that we can draw on the experience and best practices of organizations, government bodies and the private sector entities from various parts of the world.

The participants of the International Content Protection Summit Warsaw 2018, held by the Sygnał Association and supported by EUIPO, hereby acknowledge and understand the need for regular international involvement of major stakeholders. With this Summit they wish to initiate a process for ongoing global cooperation of anti-piracy organizations, based on exchange of experiences at the international level in order to develop and promote efficient methods of counteracting Internet piracy, including effective legal solutions, actions based on the 'follow the money' approach, and various educational initiatives, being some of the most effective means of tackling online piracy.

By adopting this course of action, the participants of the Summit hope to contribute to reinforcing the global anti-piracy coalition and increasing the awareness of the adverse effects and negative impact of piracy on the global economy among decision-makers, opinion leaders, media and society as well as to persuading them to commit to counteracting international theft of audio-visual content and protecting intellectual property rights.


The document does not impose any financial responsibilities on the signatories: it is solely a declaration of cooperation between stakeholders and entities concerned with the mission and objectives of this memorandum. The cooperation is of voluntary character and does not involve providing confidential information by signatories; it communicates readiness to intensify cooperation and to undertake joint actions.

"The Warsaw Declaration" is a general memorandum of cooperation in the future, accepted by the participants of the International Content Protection Summit held on 18th and 19th October 2018 in Warsaw. The meeting gathered more than 100 participants from organizations, institutions and companies from across the continent, in particular EU countries, who are involved in the protection of intellectual property and the fight against Internet piracy on a daily basis.

The group includes the representatives of broadcasters, content developers and distributors as well as the representatives of organizations and associations from individual non-European and European markets and public administration, Europol, law enforcement agencies, businesses and the media: 


A+E Networks
Anti-Piracy Protection
Association "For Legal Content!"
Association of Commercial Television in Europe (ACT)
Audiovisual Anti-Piracy Alliance (AAPA)
BBC Studios
BREIN Foundation
CANAL + Group
Clear Sky Initiative
Cyfrowy Polsat
Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT)
Federazione per la Tutela dei Contenuti Audiovisivi e Multimediali (FAPAV) Group-IB
Guardia di Finanza
HBO Europe
International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI)
ITI Neovision
Kreatywna Polska
Motion Picture Association EMEA
NAGRA/Kudelski Group
NBCUniversal International
Sky Deutschland
Sky Italia
Sygnał Association
The Spanish National Police
United Media
Warner Bros. Entertainment