Portuguese Judicial Police completes investigation into cardsharing

08 April 2016

Unlawful distribution of cable and satellite television signal

The Judicial Police, through the Department of Criminal Investigation of Setubal, completed an investigation of a transnational character on suspicion of the criminal practice of computer fraud. The investigation started in 2012.

During the investigation, which was aimed at dismantling a cable or satellite TV signal receiver scheme and the subsequent illegitimate availability of the same for Internet channels, three arrests were made. Police conducted several searches and seized all the computer equipment which served as a basis for the criminal activity, as well as documentation of their use for this illegal purpose.

The scheme operated, at least since 2009, and allowed access at lower prices to television services that are provided by the operators for a monthly subscription.

The main suspect also operated servers abroad to provide television services to other countries, where they were distributed by economic counterparts. The criminal activity resulted in a monthly income of 5,000 euros, to the detriment of service operators, two national and one Spanish, the rights holders of television content, consumers / customers and also undermined the law.

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