18 June 2019

Malaga, 18 June 2019

The 2019 Europol Intellectual Property Crime conference in Malaga was the venue where the winner of the 2nd Audiovisual Anti-Piracy Alliance (AAPA) award was announced. The award is given to an individual or team from the public sector for a successful initiative to tackle audiovisual piracy. The winner was Chief Inspector Monica Dopico  and the IP Crime Section of the Spanish National Police.  The award recognised the success of the National Police in fighting audiovisual piracy as organised crime and the contribution made to raising awareness of the crime through participation in conferences and workshops.

AAPA also presented a special award to Chris van Steenkiste, Head of Europol IPC3, for his outstanding efforts in the fight against piracy.

In announcing the awards Sheila Cassells, Executive Director of AAPA, said that "AAPA believes it is important to acknowledge the commitment on law enforcement agents and others in the public sector to fighting audiovisual piracy. This second award represents a clean sweep for the Spanish Police who also won last year and we hope this will encourage others to follow. Monica has brought an essential organised crime approach to piracy cases, which can often be seen as a lesser crime of copyright theft. Monica's willingness to spread the message about the need for and how to fight this crime through participation in external events has been invaluable".

Presenting the awards Phillip Davies, VP of AAPA and Director of Fraud and Anti-Piracy at Sky UK and Ireland, commented that "The commitment of Chris van Steenkiste to IP crime generally and audiovisual piracy in particular cannot be underestimated.  Under his leadership Europol has an established team with the enthusiasm, skills and expertise to coordinate Member States' operations on piracy and we hope that will continue. AAPA enjoys a productive and collegiate relationship with Chris and we are ready to support Europol in any way possible".



About AAPA: AAPA ( represents companies involved in the provision of protected audiovisual services, rights holders, security technology for such services, and the manufacturing of products which facilitate the delivery of such services. AAPA's mission is to enable the fight against piracy where this involves the development, promotion, distribution, application or use of technologies resulting in the unauthorised use of protected audiovisual content, by co-ordinating intelligence and action supported by effective legislation and its implementation. For more information about AAPA's work visit

AAPA is a sponsor of the Europol IP Crime conference and is closely connected with Europol and the IPC3 team through a MOU, membership of the IPC3 Stakeholders Advisory Group and a number of operational cases involving audiovisual piracy. AAPA has also provided training to Europol officers and representatives from Member States.

The awards are the first to be given by AAPA. The award may be made to an individual or team working in law enforcement, including customs, market surveillance, the public prosecution service, international or national Government agencies or departments and regulatory bodies.