21 September 2016

AAPA sponsors IIPCIC conference; hosts global workshop on illegal streaming London, 21 September 2016

Celebrating its 10th anniversary the International Intellectual Property Crime Investigators College (IIPCIC) conference brought together over 500 delegates from around the world to discuss past successes and future threats in the fight against intellectual property crime. Sponsoring the conference AAPA built upon past collaboration with INTERPOL to hold a panel discussion on the threats to content protection from new technologies, with a focus on illegal streaming.

Michael Barley, Joint Vice-President of AAPA and Director of Group Security at Sky, commented that: "Being involved in the IIPCIC conference and this panel provides an ideal opportunity to put illegal streaming in the spotlight. In order to tackle this growing form of piracy we need law enforcement agents to understand the scale and complexity of the problem. Illegal streaming does not respect national boundaries and can emanate from virtually any country in the world. Being able to discuss this issue with a global audience from law enforcement at the IIPCIC conference can help us to fight illegal streaming more effectively."

In a separate initiative AAPA hosted a workshop on illegal streaming and illegal streaming devices. Attended by rights owners, platform operators, media technology providers, broadcasters and other trade associations from Europe, the Far East, Middle East and Latin America the workshop provided a forum for participants to exchange information on trends; sources of illegal streaming devices; and enforcement actions taken. Discussion also took place on the adequacy of existing laws. The objective of the workshop was to identify how the participants could collaborate to enhance the success of enforcement action.

Sheila Cassells, Executive Director of AAPA, said that: "Many stakeholders are engaged in the fight against illegal streaming and the sale of illegal streaming devices. This workshop allows private sector organisations to share knowledge and intelligence and to create a framework for future collaboration where we can leverage on each other's activities. AAPA is committed to working with private and public sector partners to stem illegal streaming. We will build upon the IIPCIC conference panel and this workshop to host a similar focussed event on illegal streaming for law enforcement, governments, etc., early next year."