Successful anti-piracy activity in Portugal

11 September 2011

  • Portuguese Police stop card sharing ring

  • Belgium appellate court confirms decision of Court of Tongeren

AEPOC, Europe's audiovisual anti-piracy association, brings more news about the constant fight against piracy. In Portugal AEPOC member ZON assisted in bringing successful action against activities designed to defraud rightsholders in June. In Belgium a major anti-piracy ruling was recently confirmed by the appellate court.

Portugal: Police dismantle card sharing ring
Following several investigations in the areas of Lisbon, Guarda and the north of the country Portuguese police dismantled a card sharing network which provided unauthorised access to TV content. According to information released by the police the network was operated by two individuals and had over 650 customers. Profits of about €5,000 per month were being earned. More than 10 card sharing servers where seized together with some 100 pirate decoders.

Belgium: Appellate Court confirms sentence
The appellate court of Antwerp confirmed the decision of the Court of Tongeren to impose €1,850,000 in damages and an 18 months' prison sentence on an individual found guilty of selling unauthorised viewing cards. From 2006 to 2008 cards giving illegal access to Sky Deutschland in Germany and Austria were sold. The second instance court has now confirmed the compensation payment and the 18 months prison sentence - with eight months as suspended sentence. The accused is meanwhile appealing again. Several other accused involved in this case had accepted the 2010 judgement, including one pirate sentenced to €180,000 payment in damages and eight months in prison. This took the total sum of damages payable to Sky to the record sum of more than €2 million in combination with severe prison sentences.